Academic Conferences

The fellow will enjoy a remarkable array of required educational conferences while training at NYU, presented by faculty members selected for their expertise and by the fellows themselves.

During the first summer, the fellow attends a series of seminars focused on the practice of cardiology in the emergency setting, while another series of conferences introduces echocardiography. These didactics will help prepare the first year fellow for the duties of emergency call that will begin in early September. An introductory conference series teaching basic electrophysiology and another introducing cardiac catheterization also begin in July. Our Practice Tools seminars teach the fellow the operations of our diverse hospital systems, the applications of molecular biology in cardiology, an awareness of quality issues including patient safety and national practice goals, as well as the basics of investigational study design and literature review.

Twice weekly throughout the remainder of the academic year, our faculty offers an intensive Core Curriculum, comprising in-depth seminars with topics reflecting chapters from textbooks of cardiovascular medicine, ranging from basic science, through pathophysiology to clinical applications. In addition, every week we are lectured by internationally recognized scholars at our Cardiology Grand Rounds. Chosen jointly by our faculty and fellows, the speakers typically spend the day rounding and meeting with our fellows for career guidance as part of our visiting professor initiative.

Fellows at all levels present conferences on a regular basis. At our weekly Journal Club, fellows present publications from the current literature for analysis and review to their peers and a large group of faculty members expert in clinical and investigative practice. Our Clinical Investigation group presides over a Clinical Research Conference at which fellows present their experience with new and ongoing projects. Every Thursday morning, the entire division gathers for the exceedingly popular Clinical Case Conference to hear our fellows present the most challenging and instructive cases they have encountered.

Each clinical laboratory has its own weekly conference schedule at which a mix of faculty members and rotating fellows will present topics and cases for review and discussion.

The geography of our campus allows for a very large faculty attendance at these conferences, an important and unique aspect of our program.