Nuclear Cardiology/Stress Lab

The Nuclear Cardiology/Stress Laboratory at NYU Medical Center performs a range of tests that assist cardiologists in the diagnosis and assessment of many forms of heart disease. Testing is performed daily under the supervision of a board-certified cardiologist and studies are interpreted by cardiologists and radiologists with advanced training in nuclear cardiology and cardiac imaging.

Patients are referred to our laboratory for a variety of indications. Many patients with cardiac risk factors, such as smoking, hypercholesterolemia, family history of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, are referred to evaluate the likelihood of coronary artery disease. Some patients are referred to evaluate the cause of chest pain. Others may undergo stress testing as a means of assessing their risk of coronary events prior to non-cardiac surgery or to determine the effectiveness of medications. Finally, nuclear imaging of the heart is also used to provide information on the strength of the heart muscle. Stress testing most commonly involves exercise on the treadmill. For patients who are unable to exercise, pharmacologic substitutes can be used, including dipyridamole, adenosine and dobutamine.

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Professional Staff

Lawrence Phillips, MD,
Director of Nuclear Cardiology, NYU Langone Medical Center
Assistant Professor (Clinical) /Department of Medicine (Cardiology)

Daniel C. Fisher, MD,
Director of Nuclear Cardiology, Bellevue Hospital Center
Clinical Assistant Professor/Department of Medicine (Cardiology)

Stuart Dickerman, MD,
Clinical Associate Professor / Department of Medicine (Cardiology)

Eugenia Gianos, MD,
Assistant Professor (Clinical) / Department of Medicine (Cardiology)

Manuel E. Morlote, MD,
Clinical Instructor / Department of Medicine (Cardiology)

Alex Natanzon, MD,
Instructor/Department of Medicine (Cardiology)

Adam Skolnick, MD,
Assistant Professor (Clinical) / Department of Medicine (Cardiology)

Monvadi Srichai, MD,
Assistant Professor / Department of Medicine (Cardiology)

Rich Stein, MD,
Professor / Department of Medicine (Cardiology)