Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello Lab

Dr. Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello and members of her research team.

Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Translational Medicine

Bellevue C&D Building
6th Floor, Room 689
462 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016
Office: 646-501-0703

Key Words:

Microbiome, microbial ecology, transculturation, disease risk


Graduate Education: 1990 PhD (Microbiology) from Aberdeen University
Masters: 1987 MSc (Animal Nutrition) from Aberdeen University
Undergraduate Education:  1984 BSc (Biology) from University Simon Bolivar

Academic Appointments: Associate Professor, New York University School of Medicine, 2012- present
Professor, University of Puerto Rico, 2003-2011
Professor, Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC), 1990-2003

Major Honors: 1993, Roi Baudouin Award, International Foundation for Science, Sweden
2002, Medal of Merit, Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research
2003, Fellow, Infectious disease society of America (FIDSA)
2013, Fellow, American Academy of Microbiology


Research Interests:

For the last few years, my research has been focused on the microbiota function in vertebrate animals and humans, microbiota development and impact of modern practices, integrating data from microbiology, genomics/metagenomics, ecology, physiology, anthropology, architecture, environmental engineering and biostatistics to address broad questions on host-microbial interactions in different environments.

The focus is on how these interactions drive microbial evolution, diversity and symbiosis. We study the bacterial microbiota in vertebrates, including birds and mammals, and we have lead studies using next-gen sequencing of the human microbiome in peoples with different levels of integration to Western lifestyles, in the Amazon region.

We have a strong team of collaborators that include among others Rob Knight (U. Colorado), Jeff Gordon (Washington U.), Martin Blaser (NYU), Suzanne Tringe (DOE-Joint Genome Institute), Monica Contreras (Venezuelan InstSci Research-IVIC), Magda Magris (Amazonic Center for Research In Tropical Diseases- CAICET, Venezuela), Maricruz Mojica, Pontificia Catholic University San Francisco Javier, Sucre, Bolivia, Paul Harris, Catholic University, Chile.

Dr. Dominguez-Bello with current and former students at the University of Puerto Rico. 

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Graduate Students:

Emily Danies, MD

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia
June-December, 2013


Emily Danies, MD, member of Dominguez-Bello lab.

Mudit Chowdhary

Mercer University School of Medicine
Class of 2016
June-August, 2013
Mudit Chowdhary, member of Dominguez-Bello lab.


Denni Catalano, MA, MB
Denni Catalano, MA, MB (ASCP)

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The Dominguez-Bello Lab is located in the C&D Building of historic Bellevue Hospital. View Google map.