Bellevue clinical services and treatments

The Primary Care Clinic

The Primary Care Clinic at Bellevue Hospital provides 62,000 continuity visits per year to patients with a variety of chronic diseases. It is involved in several major initiatives to improve the quality of patient care, such as open access scheduling, primary care redesign to deliver more patient-centered care, smoking cessation programs, and chronic disease management in patients with diabetes and depression.

The clinic also conducts special programs in anticoagulation care, preoperative consultation, obesity management, and renal stone disease. Each year Division of General Internal Medicine faculty working in the clinic's hospitalist program provide care to about 6,600 acutely ill patients with a great diversity of medical conditions.

Clinic faculty also produced The Bellevue Guide, a 400-page evidence- based guide to primary care internal medicine written and edited by members of the division and other specialists in the Department of Medicine.

Collaborative Diabetes Initiative

The Bellevue Hospital Section of General Internal Medicine, in conjunction with the Division of Endocrinology, runs a targeted initiative to identify and comprehensively manage its most poorly-controlled diabetics (HBA1c > 10). More>>