COACH Guiding Principles

The guiding principles of COACH are:
  • Participation in the COACH Program is voluntary
  • Faculty may select one or more COACHes
  • COACHes will determine the number of faculty to whom they can provide COACHing
  • Principal responsibility for career development rests with the faculty being COACHed
  • COACHing might occur as 1:1 sessions or group sessions
  • COACHing teams will set their own meeting schedules
  • Preparation for meetings as well as meeting follow-up is essential
  • COACHing teams may disband if needs are not being met; new teams can subsequently be formed if desired

COACH facilitators and faculty being COACHed will meet at least twice yearly to:
  • Articulate and review career goals on self-identified path
  • Develop plan to achieve goal
  • Identify networking opportunities based on needs
  • Update individual development plan