COACH Leadership and Oversight

The Director of the COACH Program, Mitchell Charap, MD chairs the COACH Steering Committee, whose members include representative faculty from DGIM’s clinical, teaching and research efforts and a program manager. The program manager, Marian Anderson, works with committee members in the planning, implementation and evaluation of program components, and supports COACH communication.

The COACH Steering Committee will meet at least bi-monthly and will be responsible for review and approval of:

  • General principles to guide program processes
  • Tools used by facultyCOACHes and faculty being COACHed
  • Identification of participating COACHes
  • COACH website program information
  • Faculty Development sessions to support COACH Program Initiatives
  • User and Program evaluation tools
  • Program documentation systems including Annual report to the Director, Division of General Internal Medicine

A database manager develops systems to provide for program efficiencies through maintaining a database of faculty COACHes and those receiving COACHing; meeting tracking with reminders; distribution of surveys to evaluate program impact; and linkages of the COACH database with other DGIM databases to address multiple data needs.