Bellevue Hospital

The Primary Care Clinic of the Bellevue Hospital Ambulatory Service, together with the general medicine inpatient service and the medical consult service, serve as primary clinical sites for categorical and primary care residents, and for third- and fourth-year students.

Ambulatory Blocks supplement direct patient care experiences with small group teaching skills and practice in a variety of domains including outpatient clinical topics, psychosocial medicine, preventive health, principles of diagnosis, clinical epidemiology, and health systems and policy.

Categorical medicine house staff rotate through four months of fulltime ambulatory teaching over three years and Bellevue general medicine attendings provide up to 30 conferences per month in this teaching program.

The Ambulatory Care Clerkship is the required outpatient clinical experience for all third- and fourth-year medical students and is closely integrated with the Bellevue Primary Care Clinic, a major teaching site. Bellevue general internal medicine faculty serve as course leaders, clinical supervisors, and lecturers for this popular course, the highest rated clerkship of third and fourth year medical students.

The Bellevue clinic is also a major site of objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs) of medical student performance. Medical Student Programs are supported by a variety of Bellevue general medicine faculty. Such participation includes precepting in first- and second-year clinical medicine introductory courses, teaching in the physical diagnosis course, and teaching attending blocks on the medicine wards.

The inpatient general medicine wards are an important site for clinical teaching by general medicine faculty, who provide a full-time presence on a rotating basis to supervise house staff, teach house staff and students, and participate in morning reports, journal clubs, and core conferences.

Special clinical services include an anticoagulant program which monitors the treatment of over 500 patients on warfarin, a preoperative consult clinic for medically complex operative candidates, and a Survivors of Torture clinic, a nationally renowned service providing multidisciplinary care to immigrants who have been victims of torture.