Weekly Schedule

MONDAY: 8:00-9:00 Diabetes Core Curriculum (2nd & 4th Mon, Bellevue 4080)
  8:30-12:00 Diabetes Clinic – Ambulatory Care Bldg - 1st Floor Area 1B
  4:30-5:30 Multidisciplinary Neuroendocrine Conference (3rd Monday of each month)
TUESDAY: 7:45-8:45 Interdisciplinary Thyroid Conference (3rd Tuesday of each month)
  7:45-8:45  Nuclear-Endocrine Conference of the Thyroid Unit-Dr. Blum-Tisch Nuclear Medicine Department 2nd Floor
  9:00-1:00  Endocrinology/Diabetes clinic at VAMC
  1:00-2:00 Endocrine Core Conference-Dr. Danoff at VAH
  (Metabolic Bone Disease Core-Drs. Peck and Greene will substitute once per month, dates/times TBD)
WEDNESDAY:  7:45-8:45  Medical Grand Rounds at NYU Schwarz Building
8:30-12:00  Endocrinology new Patient/procedure  Clinic (first year fellows ONLY) Ambulatory Care Building - Endocrine Clinic - 1st Floor

THURSDAY: 9:00-12:30 (Optional) Pediatric Endocrinology Clinic at Bellevue - Ambulatory Care Building 3rd Floor
  10:00-11:00  (on second Thursday of the month ONLY) Endocrinology-Pathology Conference (Skirball 2nd floor conference room)
  12:30-5:00 Ambulatory Care Building-Endocrine Clinic-First Floor
  5:00-6:00 Case Conference – Fellows Seminars
FRIDAY: 9:00-12:30 

(Optional) Pediatric Endocrinology clinic at Bellevue-Ambulatory Care Building 3rd Floor

  1:00-2:00 Endocrinology Grand Rounds - Research Conference
  2:15-3:15 Endocrine Journal Club alternating with Board Review with Dr. Kinkhabwala (1st and 3rd week)