Diabetes Prevention Program Overview

Dr. Bergman and patient

There is a worldwide crisis of obesity and diabetes. This especially impacts low-and middle-income people. Prediabetes and diabetes increasingly consume the healthcare community and remain priority areas that require immediate attention.

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Prediabetes is characterized by gradually worsening glucose concentrations above defined “normal” levels but falling below absolute threshold values for diabetes. It may exist for many years before Type 2 diabetes is diagnosed The process evolves insidiously, so it is essential to identify individuals at high-risk early to prevent the development of diabetes and its complications. These complications may also occur with prediabetes although with much less frequency.

Clinical trials in high-risk individuals have proven the benefit of lifestyle intervention in dramatically reducing progression to diabetes. This intervention consists of weight reduction, dietary modification, and exercise. Translational research studies implementing modified versions of lifestyle interventions from clinical trials have been demonstrated to be effective in real-world settings.

The Diabetes Prevention Program can help our patients avoid this debilitating and costly disease.