Division of Gastroenterology

The Division of Gastroenterology at NYU Langone Medical Center is dedicated to a mission of excellence in patient care, advancement in research and innovation, the highest standards in education and outreach, and a humanistic approach to care. With these 4 core pillars as our foundation, we provide our patients with state-of-the-art, advanced care in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal system.

New & Noteworthy

Dr. Mark Pochapin Thanks Katie Couric, Others for Advocacy Efforts
March 31, 2014—"Thank you, Katie. Thank you to all of the survivors, family members, advocates, and those who have themselves chosen to be screened. And please continue to lend your support, for there is more work to be done," said Mark B. Pochapin, MD, in the Huffington Post today. Read article.

Dramatic Drop in Colon Cancer Rates Due to Colonoscopy Screening
March 17, 2014—According to the American Cancer Society, the incidence of colorectal cancer has declined by an astounding 30% in the past decade, thanks to colonoscopy screening to detect and remove pre-cancerous polyps. CBS Evening News chief medical correspondent Jonathan LaPook, MD, was "blown away" by the new stats. View video.

Study: FUSE Colonoscopy May Offer Improved Screening Detection
March 14, 2014—A new technology called full-spectrum endoscopy, or FUSE colonoscopy, for colon cancer screening may be effective in increasing the detection of growths, called polyps or adenomas (a potentially pre-cancerous type of polyp), according to study results published in the March issue of the journal Lancet Oncology. Read more.