Recent Graduates of the Gastroenterology Fellowship Training Program

Drs. Adler, Khan, and Boxer, of the NYU GI Fellowship Program. 

Graduated in 2014:

Rini Abraham, MD

Rini Abraham:
Private practice in New Jersey
Jay Desai, MD

Jay Desai:
Academic Gastroenterology at Mount Sinai
Nazia Hasan, MD

Nazia Hasan:
Advanced gastroenterology fellowship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Catherine Lucero, MD

Catherine Lucero:
Advanced liver transplant fellowship at Columbia University Medical Center

Graduated in 2013:

Michael Adler, MD

Michael Adler:
Private practice in NY
Andrew Boxer, MD

Andrew Boxer
Private practice in NJ
Abraham Khan, MD

Abraham Khan:
Academic gastroenterology at NYU

Graduated in 2012:

Sophie Balzora, MD

Sophie Balzora:
Academic gastroenterology at NYU
Kristina Chacko, MD

Kristina Chacko
Academic gastroenterology at Montefiore 
Fred Gandolfo, MD

Frederick Gandolfo:
Private practice in New York 
Syeda Hossain, MD

Syeda Hossain:
Private practice in New York 

Graduated in 2011:

Josh Olstein, MD

Joshua Olstein:
Private practice in New York 
Elizabeth Ross, MD

Elizabeth Ross:
Private practice in California 
David Wan, MD

David Wan:
Academic gastroenterology at Cornell University 

Graduated in 2010:

Daniel Cohen, MD

Daniel Cohen:
Private practice in Florida 
Matthew Grossman, MD  

Matthew Grossman:
Private practice in New Jersey 
Renee Williams, MD

Renee Williams:
Academic gastroenterology in upstate New York 


Graduated in 2009:

Lisa Malter, MD

Lisa Malter:
Academic Gastroenterology at NYU
Malini Sahu, MD

Malini Sahu:
Acadamic Advanced Endoscopy at Temple University
Gina Sam, MD

Gina Sam:
Academic Esophagology at SUNY Stony Brook

Graduated in 2008:

Ilseung Cho

Ilseung Cho:
Academic Researcher/Clinician at NYU
Ponni Perumalswami

Ponni Perumalswami:
Academic hepatologist at Mount Sinai Medical Center
 Suresh Pitchumoni, MD


Suresh Pitchumoni:
Private Practice in NJ