Leo M. Evers Lecture in Infectious Diseases

Drs. Eddie Louie and Anthony Fauci The Leo M. Evers Lecture in Infectious Diseases is an annual lecture that features a highly accomplished and widely recognized world leader in infectious diseases. The Lectureship was established by Leo’s wife, Irma Evers, and the Evers family in honor of Dr. Eddie Louie, a member of the NYU Division of Infectious Diseases and Immunology.



Dr. John Bartlett


John Bartlett, MD
Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Leader in clinical infectious diseases, infectious diseases education, training, and research

F. Marc LaForce, MD

2012 F. Marc LaForce, MD
Director, Meningitis Vaccine Project
Developed, tested, and distributed a vaccine against group A meningococci, to prevent outbreaks of lethal and crippling meningitis in sub-Saharan Africa
Myron Cohen, MD

2011 Myron S. Cohen, MD
Distinguished Professor of Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Established the principle that treatment of HIV with antiretroviral therapy also prevents HIV transmission
Beatrice Hahn, MD, PhD

2010 Beatrice H. Hahn, MD, PhD
Professor, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Discovered the origin of SIV and of HIV, and the origin of Plasmodium falciparum malaria
Stanley Falkow, PhD

2009 Stanley Falkow, PhD
Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine
Pioneer in the field of microbial pathogenesis
Anthony Fauci, MD

2008 Anthony Fauci, MD
Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Leader in the global fight against HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases