Cynthia Portal, MD, PhD, and Tom Norton, MD, Selected for the Physician-Scientist Training Program

 Cynthia Portal, MD    Tom Norton, MD

Cynthia Portal, MD, PhD, and Tom Norton, M.D., were both selected for support by the NYU Physican-Scientist Training Program.

Cynthia's research, in the laboratory of Jennifer Philips, MD, PhD, focuses on how Mycobacterium tuberculosis subverts the normal anti-microbial capacity of macrophages. Her present project examines the role of the interaction of the host cellular ESCRT machinery and bacterial factors (EsxH) in lysosomal trafficking and antigen presentation in IFN-gamma activated macrophages.

Tom's research, in the laboratory of Nathaniel Landau, PhD, is generating dendritic cell (DC)-targeted lentiviral vectors for HIV immunotherapy. Using lentiviral vectors that package the Vpx accessory protein, immunostimulatory proteins and antigenic viral peptides, the goal is to induce antigen-specific CTL (cytotoxic T lymphocyte) responses for HIV vaccine development.