Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis

The NYU Division of Infectious Disease is building on its strengths with an increased focus on research on molecular microbiology and molecular pathogenesis of infectious diseases.

Wild-type (top row), mutant (middle row), and complemented mutant (bottom row) M. tuberculosis attenuated for growth on 7H9 agar. The mutant is incapable of growing on 7H11 agar, due to hypersensitivity to malachite green.

This focus includes the recruitment of new faculty and the affiliation of NYU faculty in the Department of Microbiology. With the completion of the Joan and Joel Smilow Research Center building ( http://www.med.nyu.edu/smilowcenter/ ), the Division of Infectious Diseases and Program in Microbial Pathogenesis of the Department of Microbiology will be located on adjacent floors, to enhance existing interactions.

Current topics of Basic Research in Infectious Diseases include pathogenesis of tuberculosis, anthrax, Staphylococci, Helicobacter, HIV, hepatitis B, adenoviruses, Herpes simplex, and Yersinia.

The New York City Smallpox Hospital, on the southern end of Roosevelt Island, in the East River.