Tisch Hospital Treatments

The dialysis unit at Tisch Hospital has five hemodialysis stations, including an isolation cube. In addition, there are three portable hemodialysis machines used for treatments in the intensive care units (ICUs), recovery room, and transplant unit. The dialysis unit provides hemodialysis treatments to all inpatients with acute and chronic renal failure.

A small number of outpatients are also treated at the unit. These include patients with acute renal failure who are expected to recover, patients who have complications on dialysis that render their care too complicated for an outpatient unit; and patients who are beginning hemodialysis treatments and are awaiting placement in an outpatient dialysis center.

Hemodialysis treatments are supervised by physicians who are members of the Faculty Group Practice Dialysis Associates. In addition to hemodialysis, Dialysis Associates initiated a program in Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT). There are currently three Prisma CRRT machines available for use in the ICU.