Hospital for Joint Diseases

The NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases is a 220-bed specialty teaching hospital affiliated with New York University School of Medicine. The Department of Medicine specializes in rheumatological diseases where numerous patients are seen with collagen vascular diseases of the lung.

The Intensive Care Unit, directed by Dr. David Steiger, is an 8-bed unit that serves the critically ill medical patients and the post-operative orthopedic and neurosurgical cases. First and second year fellows are responsible for oversight and coordination of this unit in addition to an 8 bed cardiac telemetry unit.During this time fellows get extensive introduction to patients with interstitial lung diseases especially those with collagen vascular disease.

Fellows are able to spend time in both the rheumatology and lupus clinics. Fellows are involved with the medical ICU, surgical ICU, cardiovascular ICU and pulmonary consultation service.