Behcet's Syndrome Center

Behcet's Syndrome Center

Entrance to Behçet's Syndrome Center,
NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases
246 East 20th Street, Suite 102, NYC

NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases Behçet's Syndrome Evaluation, Treatment and Research Center

The Center was started in March 2005 with an aim to focus efforts to diagnose and treat Behçet’s Syndrome, and lead research in this area.

A center dedicated to Behçet’s Syndrome would be able to evaluate sizeable numbers of Behçet’s patients and bring together physicians with different areas of interest within vasculitis and specifically Behçet’s Syndrome under one roof.

Most rheumatologists and primary care physicians have 1-2 patients with Behçet’s Syndrome and because of the rarity of the disease cannot accumulate large enough numbers to participate or conduct clinical trials of Behçet’s Syndrome.

The center will be able to conduct and participate in clinical trials in understanding the pathophysiology of Behçet’s Syndrome and evaluating treatment options and be one of the leading centers in North America.

The Center has seen over 200 patients with Behcet’s since last year, from 35 different states and 7 different countries. Also for patients who are not able to come to New York, we try to work with their local doctors to provide information and consultation.

We are also trying to interest pharmaceutical companies to conduct clinical trials in Behcet’s syndrome. There are several studies in the planning phase now which we hope to start in 2007.

Yusuf Yazici, MD Director, Behcet’s Syndrome Center

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